Pelagic Color Fishing Company

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Pelagic Color Fishing Company

Pelagic Color is the top leading Gulf Coast fishing charter operated out of Sarasota, Florida. Our mission and ultimate goal is to change your life by giving you an experience where your senses are heightened, adrenalin is pumping, and your heart is beating out of your chest. Step aboard to escape your day to day life and go on a wild adventure where you will land and lose big fish. Where you might be beat to hell by mother earth pushing back as we attempt to tame some of her most wild creatures.

Beyondigital actively manages all aspects of marketing, content development, and is key contributor to sustainable infrastructure and daily operations. We run booking systems through Fare Harbor and Fishing Booker, manage Google PPC and organic campaigns, feed all social platforms engaging content, and contribute daily to capturing market share and growth of this new brand. We’ve grown the social media audience from a sleepy 25 to over 11,000+ active followers in six months. The Google optimized website, at over 100 pages, provides valuable information to tourists looking for adventure while providing travel planning like where to stay, eat, and play. Beyondigital also developed an affiliate program to capture deal flow from strategic partners and local market leaders, providing incentives through booking consoles with detailed tracking and reporting.

Pelagic Color not only offers the nicest boat and experienced crew for 100 miles, but also full-service onboard concierge services catering to your every whim throughout your journey. Through creative marketing, we have developed high-demand properties like ‘Pelagic Monsters’ where guests fish for huge sharks and monster-sized groupers, or ‘Pelagic Quest’, a 24 hour fishing expedition targeting elusive Mahi, Swordfish, Wahoo, and all types of pelagic beasts that will give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Beyondigital also manages PR for Pelagic Color, who has now been featured in Newsweek, Washington Post, FOX News, ABC News, and several other online and broadcast primetime news outlets for catching record-breaking a #900lb, 13′ long pregnant Tiger Shark on one of our Pelagic Monsters trips!